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Mountains Fields Rivers (Shipwrec, 2019, 12" vinyl & digital)

Rest Rain

'After the success of his alchemic Relapse EP, Fedbymachines returns to Shipwrec with his brand of genre splicing electronics. The 12” opens in the blurry haze of “Rest Rain.” Drenched in static, dubby notes trudge next to whispered hi-hats as liquid notes sparkle. A deftness of touch permeates the entire record, coming to the fore in the gentle currents and sways of “Bestill” before the cascading resonance of “Solos.” Nothing is overstated in this journey into deep absorption and introspection, instead Fedbymachines carefully crafts his soundscapes in complementary levels to construct fluid musical feats. The finale comes with “Bound.” From an understated opening, the track comes to life as a textured beat takes hold allowing radiant keys to shine. A multi-layered release from a multifaceted musician.' - Shipwrec

Get the 12 inch at Clone, Juno, Hard Wax, Rush, Decks or your store of choice. Also available from all major digital stores (iTunesJuno DownloadBoomkat and others) and for streaming from Spotify.

Release date vinyl: 22nd of April 2019
Release date digital: 13th of May 2019


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