Abyss EP (Cut, 2014, Digital)

No Surprises
One More Day

'Here, dubstep-ghosted vocals merge with the strange, synthetic chatter of invented species, while thick, moody atmospheres smudge out skeletal percussive architecture.'

'... the latest release is the super gorgeous 5 track EP from highly underrated Dutch producer fedbymachines... a truly nuanced, clever artist whose Abyss EP is his best yet – equal parts atmosphere and bass-y shimmer that’s surprisingly good to dance to.' 


Undertow EP (Broken Bubble, 2011, Digital)

Unkown Unknowns
Standing Here
Undertow (Overcast Dub)

'On last month's Undertow record, Fedbymachines lays down a bit of warm 2-step, chock full of ambient textures and distant vocal snippets. In all honesty, "Drowning" is a bit reminiscent of Burial, though with less attention on melody and drive and more of a focus on the lush, dreamy soundscapes that accompany his swinging rhythms.'

'Beautiful release from a stellar dutch musician – one to watch.'


First Light EP (Warminal, 2011, Digital)

First Light
Last Stop

'... a garage-leaning exercise in deep atmospherics that features the kind of crisp percussion and ghostly vocals generally associated with mid-'00s Hyperdub.'



No Surprises on Cut - The First Forty (Cut, 2016, CD / Digital)

Revisited on Next Phase Records Vol.1 (Next Phase Records, 2014, CD / Digital)

St. Anna on Cityscapes (Night Tracks, 2014, CD / Cassette / Digital)

Vanishing Point on Places (Lomechanik, 2014, Digital)

Escapes on Second Variety (Broken Bubble, 2014, Digital)

Latoya (with Sipp) on WotNot Advent Calendar 2013 (WotNot, 2013, Digital) 

Sirens on Multiverse Vol. 1 (Loveless Records, 2013, Digital)

More Than This on Plastik People Compilation Album Vol.2 (Plastik Sound UK, 2012, Digital)

A Thousand Streets on 22Beats (22Tracks, 2012, Digital)

'Music discovery service 22Tracks, based in Amsterdam, Brussels, and London, is set to release its first compilation this week, and has offered up a taste of what's in store. The sample comes in the form of "A Thousand Streets" by Dutch producer Fedbymachines(a.k.a. Peter Mohnen), whose blooming beat work transforms an arhythmic, limping drum pattern into a stuttering two-step. Pools of synth sounds arise from the waves of lapping water and white noise at the beginning of the tune, which eventually settles into a lull of reverb-doused psychedelia.'

Abandon on Ondergrond (Lomechanik, 2012, Digital)

Will This End on Deep Lane (Square Harmony, 2012, Digital)

'Here, we have a contribution from Dutch producer Fedbymachines, who burrows down into the world of garage and emerges with the sparse, temperate "Will This End." To call this one slow-moving would be a bit of an understatement; the song is sluggish, crawling along with a steadiness and patience that puts the focus on its detailed sounds and intricately scattered rhythms. After diving into Fedbymachine's stark sonics, you can download the entire Deep Lane comp for free...'

A Song To Forget on Variety (Broken Bubble, 2012, Digital)

Reflections on Universus Vol. III - A Post Dubstep Affair (Circuitree Records, 2011, Digital)

'This track is deep. Fedbymachines just released a private track called "Reflections" and it is insane. The track is part of the Universus Vol. III – A Post Dubstep Affair compilation on Circuitree Records. It's a mix of ambient, deep and future garage, and it is another track I can get lost in.'

'The compilation, Universus Vol. III - A Post Dubstep Affair, contains cuts from 13 different producers from five different countries, including this one from the Netherlands'Fedbymachines. "Reflections" draws from the more subdued elements of dubstep, veering away from the hyperactive wobble bass the genre is frequently associated with and instead focusing on laid-back, 2-stepping rhythms.'

You on Lifecrushed Night Tape (Lifecrushed, 2011, Digital)



SMAUG - Moonlight ft. Bijou (Fedbymachines Remix) on SMAUG Remixed (Bad Panda Records, 2013, Digital)

Gloom - Streams (Fedbymachines Remix) on Gloom - Subliminal Fortress (Broken Bubble, 2013, Digital)

Marsman - Remember (Fedbymachines Remix) on Marsman Remix (Lomechanik, 2013, Digital)

Shutta - Messy (Fedbymachines Remix) on Shutta - Messy (Future Flavour, 2013, Digital)

Lunova Labs - Holding On (Fedbymachines Remix) on Lunova Labs - Burden + Holding On (Hot N Heavy, 2012, Digital)

Ak0pian - Fields of Fortune (Fedbymachines Remix) on Fields of Fortune EP (Broken Bubble, 2012, Digital)

Macka - Flutters (Fedbymachines Remix) on Interconnections (Broken Bubble, 2011, Digital)